Jusmedico cooperates closely with carefully selected professionals with complementary competences, specialized in the biotech, pharma and device sectors. The requirements and needs of each client are analysed on a project-by-project basis. If relevant, Jusmedico involves its network in addressing the client needs identified on terms to be agreed. The quality of services rendered by members of the network will be checked by Jusmedico to ensure client satisfaction.

The network comprises the following companies and activities:

    Corit Advisory / Independent Tax Consultants

    Hertz: Insurance Brokers / Lone Hertz, Master of Laws and E*MBA

    Inspicos: Patent Protection and Commercialisation, Peter Koefoed, Eur. Patent Attorney

    Regulatory Services / Tina KjĂžller, MSc. Pharm.

    RQ Solutions: Regulatory & Quality Management / Anders Ljungqvist, Managing Director

Furthermore, Jusmedico collaborates with BioCinD (business development), Zacco (trademark protection) and Talk Translation (medical translation, language and communication).

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