Advisory Board

Jusmedico has invited leading expertise within the fields of research, patenting, clinical development, business development, insurance, regulatory service and quality management to become members of Jusmedico's Advisory Board, which comprises the following individuals:

Ira S. Nordlicht
Master's Degree in Law, B.A. in Economics
Attorney-at-Law, Chairman

Jan Bjerrum Bach
Master’s Degree in Law
Attorney-at-Law/Advokat (L)

Martin Binzer Lind
Master's Degree in Law
Attorney-at-Law/Advokat, LL.M. IPR

Lone Hertz
Master’s Degree in Law

Tina Kjøller
MSc. (Pharm), MTOPRA
Regulatory Affairs Diploma

Peter Koefoed
MSc. (Human Biology), European Patent Attorney

Anders Ljungquist
MSc. (Pharm)

Helene Quie
MSc. (Science)

Lillan Rejkjær

The Advisory Board comprises expertise especially relevant to Jusmedico's client portfolio, whether the client is operating on a nonprofit public, private commercial or other basis combining such interests, and enables cooperation across the boundaries of individual professions. The initiative has put Jusmedico in a position where involvement of the Advisory Board, or individual members thereof, can be offered to clients working with larger and/or long term projects.

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