BioLawEurope F.m.b.A.

BioLawEurope is an alliance between and among independent law firms and lawyers specialized in and focusing on the rendering of legal services related to the biotech, pharma, food supplement, medical device and/or dentistry industry sectors. The participating lawyers are all registered and licensed to practice law and admitted to the bar in one or more jurisdictions in the EU, EFTA and/or Switzerland.

Please follow the links to download the documents; The Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association.

BioLawEurope Members:

Austria: Herbst Kinsky Rechtsanwälte, - Sonja Hebenstreit

Belgium: Quinz Law Firm, - Pieter Wyckmans

Denmark: Jusmedico Advokatanpartsselskab - Jan Bjerrum Bach

England: Anderson Law, - Mark Anderson

France: Cabinet Schertenleib, - Denis Schertenleib

Germany: Dierks+Company, Rechtsanwälte, - Christian Dierks

Italy: Biolato Longo Ridola & Mori, - Linda Longo

Netherlands: Life Science Legal Advocaten, - Anke Heezius

Norway: Nova DA, – Theresa Comiskey Olsen

Poland: KG Legal, - Jakub Gładkowski

Spain: Subirats Advocats, - Margot Subirats

Sweden: Calissendorff Swarting, - Camilla Appelgren

Switzerland: Vischer, - Stefan Kohler

The 2018/19 board of directors comprises:

Mark Anderson, Attorney-at-Law, Chairman & Director.
Margot Subirats, Attorney-at-Law, Vice Chairman & Director.
Jan Bjerrum Bach, Attorney-at-Law, Director.
Christian Dierks, Attorney-at-Law, Director.
Stefan Kohler, Attorney-at-Law, Director.

The 2018/19 board of management comprises:

Jan Bjerrum Bach, Secretary & Treasurer.

The 2018 alliance accounts will be audited by:

Jakub Gładkowski, Attorney-at-Law.

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